There are two major airports near Tsukuba.

There is also a small airport nearby.

  • Ibaraki airport mainly for domestic flights, especially cheap flights are provided by Skymark Airlines.

Travelling Between Narita and HanedaEdit

If you need to get from Narita Airport to Haneda Airport or vice versa, there are basically two options.

Limousine BusEdit

Keikyu Line TrainEdit

  • 1650 yen and 120 mins...but incredibly regular (every few mins)
  • Details
  • You'll likely have to change once, probably at Aoto, but the connecting train will arrive on the same platform and almost immediately after. Announcements are in English. Keikyu Line trains depart from Haneda's Arrivals level.

Travelling to Ibaraki AirportEdit

Kanto Tetsudo provides a bus from Ibaraki Airport to Tsukuba Center, Tokyo Station and Mito Station for 1000 Yen. If one goes by car to Ibaraki Airport, there is free parking.

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