• Asahiya Hotel (Gakuen)
  • Asahiya Hotel(Yatabe)
  • Daily Inn Tsukuba
  • Furusato Inn
  • Gakuen Sakurai Hotel
  • Hitachino Hotel
  • Hotel Ichibo
  • Hotel Marroad Tsukuba (Tsuchiura)
  • Hotel Matsushima
  • Hotel New Taka
  • Hotel New Takahashi (Takezono)
  • Hotel New Umeya
  • Hotel Ninomiya
  • Hotel Pension Gakuen
  • Hotel Sunroute Tsukuba
  • Hotel Suwa
  • Hotel Toko
  • Hotel Tsukubasan Edoya
  • Kamigokan Inn
  • Mount Tsukuba Grand Hotel
  • Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba
  • Tachibana Inn
  • Takahashi Inn
  • Tremont Hotel
  • Tsukuba Diamond Hotel
  • Tsukuba Fureai no Sato
  • Tsukuba Grand Hotel
  • Tsukuba Maruni Hotel
  • Tsukuba Onsen Hotel
  • Tsukuba Sky Hotel
  • Tsukubasan Hotel Aokiya
  • Tsukubasan Keisei Hotel
  • Yatabe Welfare Center for the Aged
  • Yukari no Mori Akamatsu Lodge

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