Bar run by a local Australian, but has since closed.

The Gaijin bar. Foods pretty good. Atmosphere is what you'd expect in a western city but without the drunken moron element. The drunken PhD element have their own issues but pale in comparison with what a bar "back home" would have to deal with daily. Very international clientele. A lot of good people show regularly. Often has live bands on weekends. A great place to feel like home.

Only bar with a pool table (but I use the word loosely since you need a caddy to read the greens, if ya know what I mean). Pool tournament every Thursday. Also has a real dart board, for those who don't need a fancy graphic interface to understand what a crap player you are.

Haruki is a great bartender if you like cocktails. Knows thousands of recipes.

Unfortunately for all of us, this bar is no longer in existance...



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