Rental StoresEdit

Becoming a Member Edit

Most video shops like Tsutaya Club require some proof of identity and a small fee (a few hundred yen) to join. A driving licence or an alien registration card should be enough.

Membership expiryEdit

The membership at Tsutaya lasts for one year. When it finishes, they send a postcard with an offer of a free video rental, but in order to get the free video you have to pay the 200 yen fee again. The fee is called "insurance money" but I'm not sure how much cover it actually provides.

Subtitles vs. Dubbing Edit

Most Japanese video shops stock two versions of foreign movies, subtitled and dubbed. To get the subtitled version, look for the Japanese words "jimaku suupaa" (character superimposition) rather than "fukikae" (dubbed) on the video box.

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