• Two basketball courts
  • Three volleyball courts
  • Ten table tennis courts
  • Six badminton courts
  • Seating for 400 spectators


  • 50 metres
  • Nine lanes
  • Seating for 130 spectators

See also Doho Park Pool.

6 Tennis CourtsEdit

Baseball pitchEdit

Multi-purpose fieldEdit

This is usually used for soccer.


  • a large children's playground with climbing frame equipment


  • a lake with ducks

Running/walking tracksEdit

Various lengths-consult the map in the park for details.

Car ParkingEdit

There are two car parks. One is opposite the Seven-Eleven on Doho Park Avenue and the other is accessible by the traffic lights near the Garden Court blocks of flats.


Off Nishi Odori. The pedestrian main entrance is opposite Andersen. One of the car parks is across the street from the Gold Rush bar and 7-11.

Bus DirectionsEdit

From Tsukuba Center, get on the Kanto Tetsudo bus going to “Hitachino Ushiku” from platform #4 (it's either 30 or 31; double check at the sign) at Tsukuba Bus Terminal. When you hear the announcement for "Doho Koen" get off. It's between 200-240 yen from Tsukuba Center.


Information about Doho park (and map) (in Japanese).

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