Doro Ichi is the name given to a special outdoor market specializing in daruma and other New Year's decorations. This special one-day market is held in front of the Yatabe branch office of city hall beginning about 3 pm and going late into the evening. It is an interesting sight even if you are not interested in actually buying any decorations for your home or apartment. If, however, you would like to pick up some unusual souvenirs to take back with you, this is a great opportunity.

The term "Doro Ichi" literally means "mud market" and has two possible linguistic origins. One is that traditionally December was the month when "dorobo" (thieves - literally "mud sticks") were most active. The other theory is that it had to do with the muddy roads of December and that when people went shopping on such roads, they tended to get muddy.

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