A newly opened restaurant/bar with hip hop and R&B music! An atmosphere that fuses traditional Japanese with a modern urban feel. Recomended dishes: everything! To those who enjoy experimenting with food, try the tori yukke don (beware: raw meat!!). The chicken is grilled right in front of your eyes on branded charcoal. Has a nice selection of sake and shochu for all those sake/shochu fans, and serves draft Yebisu and Guinness.

Make sure to give a ring before you go. It's fairly small (seats about 20 people maximum) and gets full really quickly.





  • This place does GREAT yakitori! I highly recommend it. If you like yakitori liver, but are tired of the same old chewy, overcooked stuff, come here!! The owner makes the best liver I've tasted. The semi-raw chicken with wasabi practically melts in your mouth. Not a big yakitori fan? That's okay: other menu items include salads, onigiri, and donburi. On top of delicious food, the atmosphere is nice, and the beer is cold. Five stars in my book! - Melissa N.

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