Two companies run highway buses to and from Tsukuba. JR and Kanto Tetsudo (also known as Kantetsu) runs various bus services that use the expressways to get you to distant places quickly.

There are two (identical) bus services to and from Tokyo.

The time to go between Tokyo Main Station and Tsukuba Station is about 2 hours. A timetable with both companys can be found here.

Discount tickets

Discount tickets for the route Tsukuba to Tokyo are available at a vending machine in Dayz Town, in front of the Daiso. If your a travelling alone, these discount tickets are the cheapest option to go from Tsukuba to Tokyo, cheaper than the Tsukuba express discount tickets. It takes longer though. However in a group of 3 people, the discount ticket sold at the vending machine at the main bus station is cheaper.
Going back from Tokyo to Tsukuba, it is cheaper to use the Tsukuba Express with a discount ticket than the bus tickets sold in Tokyo main station.

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