Hoshi ni Negai wo means "Wish Upon a Star". This movie is about Takayuki Ohira who built the first moving planetarium.

Ohira is played by Tsuyoshi Domoto from the pop group "Kinki Kids". Also appearing are Yuka and Naohito Fujiki along with the Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mori. It is being made by FujiTV and Disney, so it will be shown both in Japan and abroad.

One scene from the movie was shot at Tsukuba Expo Center. A few members of Tsukuba's international community acted as extras during this scene. I don't want to give away the plot, but I imagine the scene that was shot in Tsukuba is somewhere near the end of the movie. And we got the impression that the Fuji TV did considerable editing to cut out the local community in the aired version of the documentary.

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