In addition to the regular national holidays, prefectures have begun having their own special holiday. For a number of years, now, Ibaraki schools and local government offices have taken the day off on November 13. For the private sector, however, it is generally business as usual.

One popular event held on this day is a special day at Tokyo Disneyland for residents of Ibaraki. If you buy your tickets locally (at train stations, travel agents and even Hot Spar markets), the 4800 yen regular passbook ticket is reduced to 3700 yen (2800 yen for children). If you can afford the time off, it's a great time to go. Be forewarned, however, that it tends to be very crowded, and so you can't expect to get on many rides. The "Fantillusion" show and other features of the park, however, are worth it even if you don't get into many rides. (Christmas celebrations start on Nov 4.)

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