Kasamatsu Undo KoenEdit

There is a skating rink at Kasamatsu Undo Koen.

  • Adults: 1,200 yen
  • Junior High, High School Students: 900 yen
  • Elementary Students: 600 yen
  • Hitachinaka City
  • Tel:029-202-0808 Fax:029-202-6661
  • E-mail:

Well Sunpia HitachiEdit

There is a skating rink at Well Sunpia Hitachi in Hitachi.

  • Open from October 9 to April 3
  • Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, and Winter Vacation: 10am to 5pm
  • Weekdays from 1pm to 5pm
  • Admission: 800 yen for adults, 400 yen for kids (JHS and under)
  • Rental skates: 300 yen

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