The JR Rail Pass is valid on all JR trains except NOZOMI (shinkansen). It is also valid on selected JR local and highway buses (not the bus to Tsukuba, as that is run by Kanto Tetsudo, not JR) and JR ferries (Miyajima-Miyajimaguchi), but not Beetle2.

Rates for Ordinary TrainsEdit

Adult Child (6-11)
7days ¥28,300 ¥14,150
14 days ¥45,100 ¥22,550
21 days ¥57,700 ¥28,850

Exchange OrderEdit

The Exchange Order must be must be purchased outside Japan from an authorized agent:

  • JTB Corp
  • Nippon Travel Agency
  • KINETSU International
  • Tokyu Tourist Corporation
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Japan Airlines (if scheduled on JAL flight)
  • and their associated agencies (travel agencies??)

The Exchange Order is valid for three months from issue date. You must show your passport AND visa to exchange for Rail Pass. Your passport must have the visa "Temporary Visitor" stamped upon entry to Japan.

Exchange Office at NaritaEdit

  • Terminal 1, Travel Service Center, 11:30-19:00, Ticket Office, 6:15-11:30, 19:00-21:45
  • Terminal 2, Travel Service Center, 11:30-19:00, Ticket Office, 6:30-11:30, 19:00-21:50


Seat Reservations (Yoyaku) can be made at Travel Centers, Reservation Centers (Midori-no adoguchi), or JR-associated travel agency (reserved seats are difficult to get during National Holiday periods). Use manned gate for entrance to trains.

  • EKI_NET – internet reservation system for JR East (may not include all trains to all areas, e.g., some local trains) – Can be used with Japan Rail Pass
    • register credit card
    • make reservations (only within one month prior to reservations date)
    • pick up tickets at JR East station
      • registered credit card must be used to pay for tickets, tickets not picked up prior to departure will be billed to credit card, must show pass to pick up tickets

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