Held in Kasama at Kasama Inari Jinja. Amazing displays of chrysanthemum bushes bent and formed into fantastic displays of flowers. Every year, incredible floral displays reminiscent of flower covered floats in the Rose Parade are on display. But these are not flowers that have been glued on. They were grown that way! Prizes are awarded for the best, biggest and most beautiful chrysanthemums, and with some individual flowers being 30 cm across, some are really huge.

Local DisplaysEdit

If going to Kasama is a bit far, you can find interesting displays at several places in the Tsukuba area. The Mt. Tsukuba Shrine has always has some very nice chrysanthemum displays during November, and in past years, local flower enthusiasts have shown their works of floral art at Matsumi Park, near the city hall in Yatabe and other such locations.

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