There are a number of good mailing lists in Japan. Some of these lists are mainly for discussion, others for buying and selling things, and others for asking for help. It can be hard to find out about these lists, as many of them do not have websites.

Business, PoliticsEdit

Community in JapanEdit

Discussion group about the rights of foreign people in Japan. Debates can get quite heated on various topics, but people are generally well-behaved. You can learn about new laws and interesting legal cases involving foreign people in Japan.

Small Biz JapanEdit

Discussions about having a small business in Japan.


Japanese languageEdit


Tokyo Linux User's Group. Abbreviation: TLUG. Deals with issues of Japanese language and general linux computing. The TLUG web pages contain several contradictory statements about the mailing list policy, so feel free to ignore them completely.





Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators (SWET)Edit

Discussions about writing, editing, and translating in Japan.


The Honyaku mailing list deals with translation to and from Japanese.

Links to various Honyaku pages at the sci.lang.japan FAQ.

Money, Buying and Selling Used ItemsEdit

  • Frugal Japan (Yahoo Groups) Learn how to live frugally in the world's most expensive country.

See also Category:Recycling, Category:Money, Sayonara sales.


Angels with FurEdit

Discussion group about having pets in Japan.

Women in JapanEdit

Digital Eve JapanEdit

IT issues for women

International Women in CommunicationsEdit

Discussion and information for women who work in communications.

Translating WomenEdit

Discussions on translation issues (all languages)

Women Can ITEdit

IT issues for women

See alsoEdit

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