JR Mito Line(水戸線) is a railway line operated by JR East between Oyama Station in Oyama, Tochigi and Tomobe Station in Kasama.

Stations Edit

Oyama Station(小山駅) - Otabayashi Station(小田林駅) - Yuki Station(結城駅) - Higashi Yuki Station(東結城駅) - Kawashima Station(川島駅) - Tamado Station(玉戸駅) - Shimodate Station(下館駅) - Nihari Station(新治駅) - Yamato Station(大和駅) - Iwase Station(岩瀬駅) - Haguro Station(羽黒駅) - Fukuhara Station(福原駅) - Inada Station(稲田駅) - Kasama Station(笠間駅) - Shishido Station(宍戸駅) - Tomobe Station(友部駅)

Connecting Lines Edit

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