This is a sketch of how a transfer works... First select "transfer" = 振り込む

First it displays commおn bank names. If the one you want is there, it's easy from now on. If not, you have to chose from "local banks", "city banks", "trust companies", "others". Chose one and type in the first katakana of the bank you want. If it finds it...good, if not, try another classification. Once you find the bank, it gives you a selection of branches, if the one you want is there..good. If not, you have to type in the first katakana character of the branch name. Then you need to give the account number and the benficiary. Finally, you get to check and approve the transfer. Make one mistake... and it fails. In the case of Joyo, they will phone your home phone number and ask you to come in and fix it up.

If you don't know the kanji, the simplest way to proceed is to ask a bank teller to help you. They will do so happily.. then you get to talk a bit of Japanese. How else are you going to learn?

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