Housing for foreign researchers. Events such as the Ninomiya House Evening Forum and the Ninomiya House Summer Festival are held here.


  • 1-6-2 Ninomiya
  • Postcode: 305-0051
  • Directions: From Tsukuba Center, drive south on Nishi Odori. Turn left one street south of Minami Odori. (The Minami Odori intersection has a great big yellow building with a dog painted on it. The street where you should turn is right by a big orange shoe store.) After turning left at the shoe store intersection, turn left immediately at the next small intersection. Follow that road north until you see a giant building on your right. That is Ninomiya House. (In order to enter the parking area, you will need to know a code. Find out the code from the person you are visiting before you arrive.)
  • See also: and


  • Tel: 029-858-7000
  • Fax: 029-858-7011


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