Phone Number for Postal Services Information in EnglishEdit

How to spot a post officeEdit

Look for the T mark with a bar across the top of the T.

Locations of post offices in TsukubaEdit

Name Postcode Address Notes
Tsukuba Gakuen PO (MAIN BRANCH) 305-8799 11376 Azuma In Tsukuba Center, beside NTT, across from the Main Police Station, east of Q't.
Sakura PO 305-0017 266 Yokomachi
Katsuragi PO 305-0822 388 Karima Take Tsuchiura Gakuen-sen to intersection of McDonald's and K's Denki. Turn north. Follow this road past one intersection and one pedestrian crossing (with unidirectional lights). PO is at next intersection.
Tsukuba Norin Kenkyuu Danchi Nai PO 305-0856 219 Kannondai In the MAFF Laboratory Complex
Onogawa PO 305-0067 464 Tateno Off Route 354 south of Onogawa near the petrol station.
Yoshinuma PO 300-2617 4082 Yoshinuma
Kurihara PO 305-0001 1567 Kurihara
Kukizaki Takasaki PO 300-1245 18191 Takasaki
Tsukuba Tsukuriya PO 300-4204 149 Tsukuriya
Tsukuba Oda PO 300-4223 29462 Oda
Yatabe Matsushiro PO 305-0035 42001 Matsushiro Next to the Matsushiro Shopping Center.
Asahi PO 300-2631 18546 Numazaki
Tsukuba Kokonoe PO 305-0023 1271-3 Uenomuro
Kukizaki Minami PO 300-1274 9441 Kami Iwasaki
Kami Sato PO (Shuuhaikyoku) 300-2699 13843 Kami Sato
Kami Oshima PO 300-4351 1046 Kami Oshima
Mase PO 300-2656 11245 Mase
Tsukuba Tai PO 300-4212 8705 Kangori
Oho PO (Shuuhaikyoku) 300-3299 3397 Ozone Near KEK.
Tsukuba Yatabe PO 305-0861 2961 Yatabe Has parking spaces, but very difficult to park here due to narrow roads.

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