A very nice, small, friendly Thai restaurant run by a Thai woman. Somewhat small with only 16 seats. The lunch is only 500 yen and there are three choices: curry (red, yellow or green depending on the day of the week), fried rice, or noodles. For an extra 100 yen you can get extra rice or a fried egg or you can have a side dish of a small bowl of noodles for 300 yen. For dessert lovers there is the exotic ice-cream, coconut or jack fruit for 300 yen each or why not dare to try the Durian ice cream for 350 yen. Various drinks are available for 300 yen. Dinner dishes are between 800-1,500 yen.


  • 11:30am to 2pm
  • Closed: Thursdays



  • 029-856-1908

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