Inkan (or hanko) is a personal seal commonly used in Japan in place of a signature. There are two types of hanko with different levels of legal significance. One is called jitsu-in, and is essential on important legal documents and contracts, such as when buying or renting real estate, a house, a car, etc. It is registered at the municipal office of the district where you reside. The other type, called mitome-in, is not registered and is used on less important documents such as acknowledgement of receiving a parcel, registered mail, etc.

What to Put on your SealEdit

While a mitome-in can be in Japanese characters or in the Roman alphabet, the name on the jitsu-in should appear exactly as it does on your Certificate of Alien Registration. If the Alien Registration Certificate shows your name in the Roman alphabet, your jitsu-in should also be carved in that form.

Buying a SealEdit

Registering a SealEdit

Register your seal at Tsukuba City Hall.

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