• Ashibino Multipurpose Space
  • Daiyama Park (Tennis)
  • Doho Park (Baseball,Tennis Court, Gymnasium)
  • Hanabatake Kinrin Park (Swimming Pool, Softball)
  • Hanare Park (Baseball, Tennis)
  • Katsuragi Park (Tennis)
  • Kokaigawa Sports Park (Baseball,Tennis)
  • Ninomiya Park (Baseball, Tennis)
  • Oho Ground
  • Oho Kinro Seishonen Tai-iku Center
  • Oho Gymnasium
  • Oike Park (Baseball,Tennis)
  • Onan Sports Park
  • Osaki Park(Baseball)
  • Sakura Gymnasium
  • Sakura Sports Park (Baseball,Tennis)
  • Sakura Sports Park Lodging Facility
  • Takamihara Softball Park
  • Takasaki Soccer Park
  • Takezono Higashi Park
  • Teshirogi Park (Baseball, Tennis)
  • Tokodai Gym
  • Tokodai Sports Park (Baseball, Tennis)
  • Toyosato Gymnasium
  • Toyosato Judo and Kendo Dojo
  • Toyosato Workers Gymnasium
  • Toyosato Multipurpose Space
  • Toyosato Tennis Court
  • Tsukuba Capio (Arena) (Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Ping Pong)
  • Tsukuba Expo Memorial Park (Tennis)
  • Tsukuba Gymnasium
  • Tsukuba Kinrosha Tai-iku Center
  • Tsukuba Northern Park (Tennis)
  • Yatabe Multipurpose Space
  • Yatabe Grounds
  • Yatabe Gymnasium
  • Yatabe PhysEd Center
  • Yatabe Tennis Courts
  • Yoshinuma Baseball Diamond
  • Yoshinuma Gymnasium

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