Services Edit

The Tsuchiura Main Post Office offers all of the mailing and banking services expected in post offices in Japan. Especially convenient is an after hours window accessed through the door facing the customer parking lot on the north side of the building. This window offers limited mailing services all night every day of the week.

Location Edit

The Tsuchiura Main Post Office is next to Tsuchiura's tallest hotel, Hotel Marroad Tsukuba. From the West Exit of Tsuchiura Station, travel west on Route 125 past Urala for 400 meters until you reach the intersection of the former Koamiya Department Store, about 100 meters west of the end of Mall 505. The Tsuchiura Central Cinema is at this intersection. Turn right (north) and travel for 300 meters until you see the post office on the left (west side of the street). 300 meters further north of the post office is Kadoya Supermarket.

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