Sells discount alcohol. Large wine selection, all spirits at discount prices. Standard spirits Y1050/bottle. Also, many foreign foods, cheese, pasta, sauces, snacks.

Foreign foods on saleEdit

  • "Lady Liberty" peanut butter sells for two or three hundred yen for a plastic pot.
  • Foreign-made "Pringles" sell for about half the price in other Japanese stores.
  • Korean kimchi in bags at the refrigerated section is quite cheap
  • American brand of cheese in various flavours.
  • Chocolate, nuts, various other stuff.
  • New Zealand "Tip Top" ice cream is 600 yen for a two-litre tub.
  • Many hard-to-find foreign wines and foods.
  • Canned kidney beans, chick peas, butter beans, and tomatoes, all for 100 yen.
  • Cheap and fairly good quality pasta.
  • Japanese and foreign beers.


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